Herbalogic Easy Breather™ Drops: Seasonal Pollen Support

Easy Breather combines herbs that promote clear sinuses, ease headaches, and soothe nasal and eye irritation that may be triggered by tree pollen, grass pollen, mold, seasonal changes, travel, or stress.* At lower doses, the formula also supports optimum immune function year-round. Unlike formulas that cause dryness or thirst, Easy Breather includes herbs to moisturize nose and sinus passages.

Made for Cedar Fever & More

Easy Breather was created to promote a normal immune response to the pollen of mountain cedar trees, which cause a severe upper respiratory reaction known as "cedar fever." However, it works for a wide range of tree and grass pollen, as well as eases the effects of other airborne irritants, such as mold, dust, pollution, and volcanic smog (vog).

Traditional Functions

The natural ingredients in Easy Breather herb drops have been used historically to address:

nasal and sinus congestion and pressure;
itchy, red, and watery eyes;
runny nose and sneezing;
 sinus headaches;
minor throat irritation from post-nasal drip.